Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Thanks

First of All Happy Thanksgiving - We are so honored you are here. 

Thanksgiving is a time to count the wonderful things in your life.  We have a little challenge for the two of you this Thanksgiving, a little competition if you will.  Your challenge on Thanksgiving is to create a list of things you are Thankful for about your partner.  Sounds simple huh, and it should be.  We want you to keep a notepad with you all day and write down these things during the course of the day.  Both of you keep your own list and set a time later in the day to see which on of you has come up with the most things.  Now you can have a prize for the winner, but the beauty of this challenge is that you both will be winners.  As you sit at the end of Thanksgiving night and read your lists to each other.  Maybe you have a glass of wine or some leftover turkey as you discuss how amazing each of you feel the other one is.  

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