Monday, November 24, 2014

Football As A Date Night

There is that old stereo type of the men always wanting to watch football and the women always feeling ignored.  However, I seem to think that the stereo type is wrong.  I know many couples that enjoy the companionship of their partner while watching football.  It is great when you are both routing for the home team and cheering.  Even if you like rival teams that can be fun if you are good hearted about it.  Think about all the ways you can dress up your football game days.  You can create amazing food to partake of during the game.  You can place lovers wages on the outcome of games.  You can even create a little fantasy football of your own.  So why not make it a date the next time the big game it on.  This can work even if you are short on cash.  The football date is one that you can enjoy weekly if you like without getting bored with it.  

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